ETCC 2003 Mod - Info Page


The ETCC 2003 Mod is a free mod for \"F1 Challenge 99-02\" published by EASports. The ETCC 2003 Mod includes all cars and drivers from the 2003 season of the European Touring Cars Championship (ETCC) and it was designed with the aim of creating the most realistic touring car racing simulation currently possible. All cars have been modeled with great attention to detail with unique cockpits and steering wheels for each car model. The ETCC 2003 Mod was designed with the sim-racer in mind, who wants to enjoy close racing as it can be seen in real ETCC races with a realistic driving and physics model and realistic AI behaviour. All the new features of the F1 Challenge 99-02 engine have been used, like the damage model and the new physics, all cars also come with working handbrake, headlights and horns, and the AI has been reworked to make the ETCC 2003 Mod a challenging sim-racing experience.



You need a full working install of EA Sports \"F1 Challenge 99-02\". The minimum and recommended specs for CPU speed and graphics adapter are the same as those given for \"F1 Challenge 99-02\". The use of a force-feedback steering wheel is highly recommended. Additional gearbox controllers and clutch pedals are supported.